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Combining villages revitalization and energy efficiency through vacant accommodations rehabilitation

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Combining villages revitalization and energy efficiency through vacant accommodations rehabilitation
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All EU rural areas with communities already engaged (or would like to be engaged) in a village revitalization process through the assistance of renewable energies.


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Within the LAG area, which extends itself over the lands to the coastline, several communities are currently dealing with a lack of attractiveness. As a consequence, there are currently several vacant accomodations, even if these spaces have potential. The LAG has considered relevant to combine rehabilitation of vacant spaces with enery efficiency. These topics are the main point of these villages revitalization strategies.
The ENERTERRE association is engaged in the European projet HELPS and is a specialist in the energy precariousness area and housing rehabilitation. ENERTERRE is an existing innovative device in our territory.
In the village revitalization framework combined with energy efficiency, the association can support these projects by exchange of knowledges and experiences, while proposing training actions for partners. The association is already engaged in several european countries and could become a potential partner for this cooperation project.
The project also encourages the emerging dynamic leaded by some municipalities regarding their revitalization and the search for solutions concerning demographic and economic issues.

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The « Pays de Coutances » LAG is looking for partners who have identified a need in village revitalization on their areas. This project aims to restore vacant accomodation in order to improve their quality and attractiveness. The intended purpose is to increase the accomodation’s energy efficiency to foster a real value for small rural villages.


Exchanges of experiences, knowledges and headed projects.
To develop a common project in all participating cities.
To adress communities needs which have several vacant accomodations.
To upgrade buildings/accomodation quality in order to guarantee their long-term occupancy.
To exchange information about the existing various methods in buildings rehabilitation.
To encourage communities to equip their vacant accomodations with wood industries materials.
To valorize hedgerows cuts in order to supply heating sources.
To promote an energy efficiency way of construction in rural areas.
Target groups : Municipalities, Communities, LAGs, Private sector (energy rehabilitation, housing renovation…)