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Arts and disability

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Arts and disability
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Any European country with LAG action

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The territory of the LAG Pays Dieppois - Terroir de Caux, located in Normandy, France, next to the Parisian Basin and the city of Rouen, benefits from the assets of the sea (the Channel) and a rich rural area. The territory is composed of 119 municipalities with nearly 112,000 inhabitants and is organised around the town of Dieppe (27.5% of the local population and 44.5% of the local jobs).

The local cultural context is rich in both rural and urban areas. However, people with disabilities are still remote from culture, even though they already take part in some actions:
• « L’Âme de Fond » festival
• Musical
• Dance project
• Artistic workshops
• …

Project idea summary: 

The Association of Mentally Disabled Persons’ Parents and Friends (APEI de la Région Dieppoise), would like to revitalise, widen and promote in a broad way the artistic work being done with disabled persons. In partnership with other socio-cultural stakeholders, it aims to help society become ever more inclusive.

Cooperation with other territories would therefore be an opportunity to:
• Share each LAG partner’s experiences
• Overcome constraints related to disability
• Build a common event that will take place in 2020


- Contribute to change people’s perceptions on disability and help society become more inclusive
- Share practices and knowledge between actors from each LAG partner’s territory – support for persons with disabilities, relationships between general public and disabled people, disability awareness-raising among the population, …
- Facilitate and promote access to culture for remote people, notably persons with disabilities.
- Workshops for sharing practices on disability issues
- Art creation workshops
The project can result in the organisation of events on each LAG partner’s territory.
Target group:
- Social and medico-social institutions: elderly, people with disabilities, child protection, educators, …
- Educational institutions
- Hospital sector
- General public