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Organisation of an action program around electronic

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Organisation of an action program around electronic
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in the ideal case a German or French speaking region but English works as well


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Young people leave rural regions and move to urbain areas. At the same time inhabitants in cities move to the rural periphery to avoid high rents. Both groups have high demands in terms of infrastructure and activity offer. That is why we want to increase the attractivity of our region towards younger people.

Project idea summary: 

Thus, our project aims at organising an action program around electronic music through exchange and cooperation (e.g. workshops about the production in music schools, concerts with electronic music pieces by local orchestras, the visit of local musical structures of participating LAGs etc.). Each participating LAG can suggest new actions to expand the program.


- Increase the attractively of the region
- Modernize musical practises of the region
- Exchange in common and in cooperation about musical, local structures
- Emphasize the creative potential of rural areas
- Respond to current needs of the population
- Suggest a cultural or musical project with digital background
- Connect different territories through music
- Establish contact between upcoming musicians
- Disseminate the musical result
- Offer musical diversity to the local population
- Become a territory of experimentation and creation
- Promote cultural/historical/… heritage of the LAG (towards inhabitants as well as tourists)