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Cooperation around the European Road of D’Artagnan

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Cooperation around the European Road of D’Artagnan
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All LAGs which are crossed by the European Road of D’Artagnan.

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In the south-west of the department of Indre-et-Loire, the Pays du Chinonais cultivates the art of good living around its many heritage assets and a diverse economic fabric in which agriculture and viticulture act as pillars.
Composed of 59 municipalities grouped into two communities of municipalities, the territory consists of a main pole: Chinon (8,527 inhabitants in 2018) and four secondary urban centers. With a density of 48 inhabitants / km², we are a rural territory crossed by a dense hydrographic network (Loire and Vienne rivers) which has generated landscapes and a built heritage of character, some of which are typical of Ligurian landscapes, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.
Our LAG strategy is: Innovation as a lever for attractiveness and competitiveness of Chinonais.

Project idea summary: 

Within the philosophy of our regional strategy of tourism (Région Centre-Val de Loire) and our LAG strategy, the Pays du Chinonais and his LAG wish to create a dynamism around the European road of D’Artagnan.

Crossing by two of the routes, our territory would like to cooperate with another LAG which also host the European road.


Our objectives are:
- Create an exchange of practices:
o About mobilisation of actors in the field of tourism
o About the route and equestrian hiking around
o About equipment
- Experiment new practices of slow tourism and nature tourism
- Develop a partnership and multiply communication around the European road.

Objectives which can evolved to meet partner’s ones.