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Structuring of the Wood Energy sector for a better economic value of a renewable resource

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Structuring of the Wood Energy sector for a better economic value of a renewable resource
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Rural territory composed of groves, pastures and hedgerows, and natural wasteland in valleys

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Dinan Agglomeration is a community of 98 000 inhabitants spread over 932 Km², located in the west of France. It is a rural territory with a mesh of important hedgerows, some woods and two forests, including natural wasteland in valleys. For several years, the territory has been promoting the emergence of a local energy wood sector, and some economic players have emerged with the help of regional structures. Several boiler-wood projects have been completed and others are being defined and supported. However, several problems persist regarding the valuation and knowledge of the wood resource, the diversification of its development and the emergence of new economic models by the actors of the sector in order to sustain their activity. Finally, it remains to amplify the mobilization and communication on the potential of this renewable energy to win market share both in the heating of public infrastructure, industrial and individual. Cooperation and openness to external partners would allow us to have a different perspective and to identify new tools and means of action.

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Dinan Agglomeration and associated structures are looking for a partner to exchange and build together tools for the enhancement of the wood industry. We are located in France in the Brittany region, and our goal is to have an international partner or several for a fruitful cooperation. We promote the management and use of the wood resource as a whole. This project will aim to better understand the deposits of this resource, the economic models to develop with the different actors and the means to develop it through the structuring of a real economic sector.


To develop the wood energy sector, it seems necessary to take into account and act on the three pillars of the sector:
• The development of wood energy boilers
• Management of the wood energy platform
• The mobilisation of the forest resource and more widely wood (grove, grove ...)

Thus, the objectives pursued for this cooperation action are:
- Share knowledge about experiences and projects
- Develop practical tools to better structure the wood industry
- Discover other techniques of diversification and upgrading to the wood resource
- Acquire communication tools and train on argumentation methods to convince actors to join the wood industry project

Types of projects envisaged:
- Exchanges and capitalization of knowledge on the organization of the wood energy sector
- Development of new products and tools on the deposits of the wood resource
- Definition of support tools for actors in the wood industry (sawmills, loggers, etc.) to optimize the structuring of the wood energy sector
- Research and identification of new technologies, new wood resource management techniques
- Research and exchanges on new economic models of the value of the wood resource into renewable energy
- Communication actions on the potential of wood energy