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GAL Vallée de la Drôme

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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+33 475 2543 82
Communauté de Communes du Val de Drôme
225, rue Henri Barbusse
26400 CREST
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Main objective :

The Drôme Valley: an attractive eco-territory and carrier of sustainable economic development


The material and immaterial resources of the Drôme Valley constitute an undeniable asset of this territory. The valorisation of these resources can largely contribute to developing its attractiveness.

"Inventor of practices", the Drôme Valley wishes to continue the preservation, restoration and enhancement of its heritage, to make it a driving force for development. With Leader, the goal is to take a new step in changing practices with respect to its resources.


Issues identified in the diagnosis of territory:

  • Continue to anticipate issues at the local level, confirm its identity around the eco-territories project.
  • Strengthen the quality of life and the attractiveness of the territory through local development with creating jobs and sustainable practices based on the valorisation of resources.
  • Consolidate initiatives and collective approaches with goal of solidarity
  • Appropriate tourism development and build it in coherence with the territory's resources.
  • Share culture and sustainable development practices with new audiences and actors
  • Support and transform the inhabitant’s relationship with resources and know-hows.


Operational objectives:

OO 1.1 : Promote itineraries and touristic sites through mediation

OO 1.2 : Professionalize, raise awareness and structure operators and human resources in tourism activity.

OO 1.3 : Support the development of new sustainable economic activities

OO 2.1 : Adopt new farming practices integrating the energy and ecological transition

OO 2.2 : Promote Research & D

OO 2.3 : Develop new services and access to existing services with sustainable objectives.

evelopment in farming

OO 3. :   Cooperate with territories sharing the same ambitions and approaches

OO 4 :    Pilot, communicate and evaluate the program

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€ 1 588 000