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Spreading European route along Stevenson’s trail

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Spreading European route along Stevenson’s trail
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Belgium, England, Scotland, Germany, France
The following territories have already been identified (non-exhaustive list):
Scotland :
- Lothian : North Berwick, Edimbourg & Colinton district
- East Dunbartonshire
France and Belgium :
- Fontainebleau and its surroundings
- North rivers, from Antwerp to Pontoise : cities of Etreux, Alaincourt, Oisy, Iron Chiry-Ourscamp, Pont-sur-Sambre
- Les Cévennes : Le Pont de Montvert

A few have already gained a support for the programs Leader during the 2007-2013: It is a plus as they will be able to share their experiences as to the leading of projects supporter by European funds!

England :
- Bristol

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The writer of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson (RLS), was a great traveller. He travelled through Europe walking, on boat, on donkey’s back. Nowadays, local initiatives are manifold to pass on this cultural heritage, through an itinerant tourism, helping particularly local and durable economical development. Founded in 2013, the association « on R.L Stevenson’s trail » has been its network. It has been certified by the European Committee as « European cultural itinerary ». It gathers various local associations that promotes RL Stevenson’s work and values. Its head office is in Fontainebleau.

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The European grid along Stevenson’s trail aims at revealing the works and travels of the Scottish writer through the places he travelled. It gathers public and private, as well as cultural, artistic, touristic and sporting organisations in Belgium, France, Scotland, England and Deutschland. Certified in 2015 by the committee, this network now needs to be structured and spread out.


The objectives at stake is allowing the grid ‘On RLStevenson’s trail’ to spread out and reach European scale.
Strategic goals:
- Promoting a tourism respectful of individuals and countries, benefiting to local development
- Promoting roaming tourism
- Emphasizing local products and services
Operational goals:
- Building and stabilizing the network institutional working
- Associating and organizing the various groups belonging to the network
- Expend the network towards organizations which promote RLS’ spirit
- Developing communication
To achieve these goals, the network has estimated an annual budget of 90 000 euros, on the following expense topics :
- Secretary and animation : 42 000 €
- Travels and logistics : 20 000 €
- External services (including communication tools) : 21 000 €
- Sites initiatives support : 7 000 €