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Sustainable Rural Development

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Sustainable Rural Development
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GAL Ouest Charente - Pays du Cognac

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Any EU area that have a production of wine or spirits.

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Local and transnational cooperation are important elements in our LAG strategy, especially with other Local Action Groups in Europe that have an important production of wine or spirits. Our cooperation plan needs to be specified with the LAG interested in it but we have some ideas to get started:
 To restore or preserve quality landscapes.
 To reduce environmental impact of viticulture.
 To have a better skills recognition and transmission, especially focusing on viticulture, spirits or cooperage.
 To foster the emergence of new economic sectors or new agricultural production that have a high local market potential.
 To diversify tourism offer, to develop new tools for enhancing tourism attractiveness.
 To build local food supply chains.

Project idea summary: 

Located between 2 middle cities, our LAG is structured by cognac vineyard, related services and manufacturers, Cognac city (20 000 inhabitants) and Charente river.
The main challenges of our LAG is to strengthen is attractiveness, to sustain a diversified economy and to preserve natural resources. These are the main objectives of LAG strategy:
1. Regaining Charente river, its tributaries and diversification of the tourist offer;
2. Promote a sustainable and diversified agriculture; and
3. Preserving and transmitting traditional architectural heritage, culture and local skills.
We are looking for European areas that have a wine or spirits production and share similar challenges and/or strategy. Cooperation subjects could be broad, as this offer is a first step in a long cooperation project!


To initiate the cooperation activity, we need to establish a “prototype” partnerships to investigate options for the feasibility of concrete joint actions.
The very first step could be 2 study visits in each LAG, to discover each territory, local projects, meet potential partners and bring a fresh perspective between us. Then we could find easily a concrete cooperation project to work on.
The examples in the list above are first ideas, study visits could show us many other ways for cooperation.