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Touristic enhancement of green ways

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Touristic enhancement of green ways
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- French areas located along the V9 green way (Regions of Bretgane, Normandy and Pays-de-la-Loire)

- French areas concerned by touristic green ways challenges

- European areas concerned by the presence of a Eurovelo itinerary (European Cycling itinerary).

Bretagne, Normandie, Pays de la Loire
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The « Pays de Fougères, Marche de Bretagne » is a rural area made-up of 44 municipalities. One of its assets is its strategic positioning. It is located in Brittany, adjacent to the Normandy and to the Pays-de-la-Loire Regions. It is close proximity to the Rennes metropolitan area and to the « Mont Saint Michel.

The « Pays de Fougères, Marche de Bretagne » benefit currently from the presence of 61 Km of green ways and of 76 km of bike routes.
In 2018, 26 KM of new green ways on the railway right-of-way, were inaugurated. Dedicated to hiking, cycling or horse riding, this part of green way is located between 2 urban and heritage areas: Fougères and Vitré municipalities.

This new green way has been an opportunity to develop a new touristic itinerary called « V 9 » and linking the city of Nantes with the Mont Saint Michel. Moreover, this V9 green way crosses 2 European cycling itineraries:

- l’EuroVélo 6 called « rivers cycles routes » (Véloroute des Fleuves), which go from Basel (Swiss) to Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins (France), following notably the Rhone-Rhin Canal, the Doubs and saône valleys, The Burgondy Canal before following the « Loire à vélo » itinerary.

- l’EuroVélo 4 called « Central Europe cycle routes » (Véloroute de l’Europe centrale) it goes from Kiev (Russia) to Roscoff (Bretagne Region-France) following notably the channel coast.

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The main objective is to develop a cooperation project with others rural areas to define a touristic strategy based on the enhancement of green ways. The challenge consists in identifying the method to move forward: from investments reinforcing the development of green ways to a real touristic development.

We imagine the following concrete objectives:

- EXPERIMENTATIONS: identification and testing new equipment and services such as: signs, accommodation, catering, bicycles renting, lighting…

- PARTICIPATION/MOBILIZATION: we would like to develop this project in involving all the public and private concerned stakeholders (municipalities located along the green way, tourism professional, inhabitants, hiking, cycling, NGOs…). Then, we would like to exchange good practices on these participatory approaches and on networking.

- DISSEMINATION: green ways could provide great touristic development opportunities in each concerned area. Indeed, we could imagine to develop and enhance some others areas close to these green ways, where the hikers/cyclists could discover heritage, nature… It means that green ways could contribute to the development of others small areas located along and close to the green ways. Common communication and marketing actions could then be carried out in this cooperation project.