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Pure Power - the wafes of the wild food

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Pure Power - the wafes of the wild food
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Vaara-Karjalan Leader

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LAG + village associations, hunting association and entrepreneurs

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Wild food (herbs, plants, berries, mushrooms, fish and game) has a long legacy in Finnish food culture and lifestyle. In last few year’s attention towards wild food has increased almost to be phenomenal. Finnish wild food has been noticed in foreign countries because of the Finnish natures clean and unique growth environment. Wild food is growing to be so called food trend with organic and local foods. The problem of the wild food is that young people don't recognize the plants and people don't know how to use wild food anymore. However modern values and climate change is pushing us to take into account "green values". By using wild food, you can support sustainable development.

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The idea of the Project is to recognize to the benefits of wild food: how to use wild food both in households and in restaurants. Who can we find, recognize and use wild food? The idea is also find the good practices from the partner countries and to organize education and events of this topic.
Project search possible foreign partners for international cooperative project. International planning includes partnership parleys for example with Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Germany and other possible countries that express interest about wild food projects. Goal is to get 2-3-4 partners who are willing to start co-operation project around Europe.


Pure Power –project aims to find new co-operation partners and instructors who work with wild food on their everyday life. Project maps possibilities to organize educational programs and events around wild food. For example commercial herb education which gives permission to sell wild food products to customers. Without this kind of education Cafeterias aren’t allowed to sell products that might contain wild food. This way both the customer and business owner can be sure that herbs included on products are safe to enjoy. Pure power-project sort out educational programs that relates to wild food education, plant identifying, harvesting trips, plant coloring courses, fishing trips, kids and young’s excursions and nature found cosmetics.