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Circular economy and industrial symbiosis – Green Power100

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Circular economy and industrial symbiosis – Green Power100
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All the European countries involved in Leader Community Program

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The research and expertise organisation Prizztech, which is one of the biggest research organisations of Finland is implementing the prefeasibility project on circular and sustainable economy in rural areas mapping the farms of our LAG area ( and their situation and creating a concept of better utilisation of resources (better waste utilisation, utilisation of alternative energy forms, greening policies of the farms, use of biogas, self-maintenance, etc.)
The possible aim of project would be search methods and circular economy business models for proper area and local actors (farms, etc.).
The TNC project partnership aims to increase collaboration and exchange of best practises between member areas.

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The development of green economy in its various aspects is a possible source for new European innovations. In meantime we should utilise better our resources and support sustainability in all our actions. The circular economy aims to better utilisation of resources and tends to increase the “greening” level.


- Networking of rural bioregions in European level
- Exchange and benchmarking of best practices
- Developing more green circular economy and energy production policies
- Linking expertise and experts
- Promotion of sustainable policies and proper territorial self-maintenance of alternative energy production and different sources
- Linking better farms and industries in greening policies
- Developing local circular economy business models
- Identification of new innovations
- Production of best practice book
- Organisation of best practice workshops and seminaries, events in partner areas