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Smart Villages Leader

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Smart Villages Leader
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LAGs interested in Smart Villages. Other organisations in rural areas.


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Eu has started EU Action for Smart Villages. ENRD has Thematic Group for Smart Villages. Finland has a “competition” for Smart Villages and related development, based on multi-sectoral approach. Also many other member states are active in this area.
Smart Villages are “rural areas and communities which build on their existing strengths and assets as well as on developing new opportunities”, where “traditional and new networks and services are enhanced by means of digital, telecommunication technologies, innovations and the better use of knowledge” (EU Action for Smart Villages).
LAG´s play an important role in local development, and it could not be much more local than villages. Leader principles are able to boost smart development, and now is the right time to influence.

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To identify how LAG´s could help local actors on their pursuit of “smart development”, both IT related and social.
To identify what local actors, villages, themselves can do.
Exchange and disseminate best practices between LAG´s and local actors in different member states.
Target group in the local level; villages and rural municipalities interested in Smart Villages and related development.


Proposed activities: 1) Identification of the relevant actors and stakeholders in each partner country and territory, including public, private and third sector
2) Study trips for the relevant actors and exchange of Good Practice between them: one study trip visiting in each partner country.
3) Joint Publication of Good Practice, cases collected from each country and partner territory