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Twinning Villages - sharing best practices and learning new

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Twinning Villages - sharing best practices and learning new
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Rural villages that have contact persons with language skills (English).
2-4 partner countries.

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The village communities are active, and they have good social networks within and out the village. To keep and increase the activity of village communities it is important to provide places of participation for everybody. Villagers need new stimulus for organising activities, services and development projects.

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Twinning Villages aims to strengthen and give new ideas to village activities by sharing best practices and creating of new networks transnationally.
From each participating LAG is expected to get 2-3 villages involved to the twinning activities.


Objectives: New stimulus for village development, creation of long-standing partnerships between the villages in Europe.

Target groups: different age groups of the village (from youngsters to seniors)

Changing best practices via videos, social media and study visits. Also learning by participating to other partners activities.
The best practices can be e.g. village services, environment, culture …
Sharing local examples of everyday life solutions

The project can be funded by Leader or other EU-funding programme.