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Rural working hub: creating communal working spaces for single entrepreneurs and telecommuters

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Rural working hub: creating communal working spaces for single entrepreneurs and telecommuters
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The post industrialization era and the changes in economic structures demands rural communities to think how the work and livelihood can be provided in rural areas.
As the new technology and new management models allow people to work in different locations, the possibilities to choose the place of living and the mode of working increases. You can select your favorite location to work.

Most of the telecommuting work is been done from the home offices, but there is also a need for social interaction with others. To respond this demand rural towns/communities must also able to offer suitable working spaces that supports the telecommuters and (single) entrepreneurs in their work and offer places for social interaction.

The project idea is developed with JPYP Business Service (Ltd) Contact person: Viivi Korkiatupa, email:, tel. +358 40 6704 619

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The project idea is to develop and start rural working hubs for the needs of telecommuters and others who are need of working space (permanent or temporary inhabitants). The aim is to create also supporting actions for the working space are designed to endorse creating networks, change of ideas and forming social capital.


Objectives: Plan how to create a communal working space, a rural working hub. Offer new working possibilities in rural areas. Increase the knowledge capital of rural areas. Support the diversification on rural livelihoods and rural areas as a desirable living environment.

Target groups: Potential work space mangers: local authorities and development bodies, educational institutions
Potential work space users: e.g. single entrepreneurs/ telecommuters/ researchers
Stakeholders: employers /managers

Activities: Planning and design the actions for the communal work space. Planning the supporting actions for the users of and involving the future users in the planning, service design. Creating the local and international network of suppliers for these networking services. Strengthen the knowledge of managing models of telecommuting. Searching the premises that are suitable for communal working spaces.