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Heavy Rural – Rocking the rural development

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Heavy Rural – Rocking the rural development
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In the Aisapari area the town of Lappajärvi has arranged heavy music courses: Crater Rock. The Camp is targeted to youth aged 14 and older who would like to learn to play heavy rock music. The teachers come from well-known Heavy rock bands. This event is an important for local youths and it also gives publicity to local community.

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The project idea is to bring together rural areas that are known for their commitment to heavy rock music (e.g. events, festivals and artist).
With the transnational cooperation project we want to learn how these two things – rural development and heavy rock music - can support and benefit from each other the most.

The project plan will be drawn up with the partners.


The objective is to is to strengthen the cooperation with this sector of culture and cultural heritage and rural development, so that the cooperation would create longstanding support for each other. The objective of participating organisations can also be to test new ideas to promote and develop their operations.
Target groups: youth, community residents, event organisers, artists
Activities: Joint workshops, networking, sharing best practices, local pilot projects
To fund the project also other EU programmes can be used, such as Youth.