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European entrepreneurship culture, documenting regional and cross-border cultural heritage

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European entrepreneurship culture, documenting regional and cross-border cultural heritage
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ALL EU, including United kingdom. Preferably partner region with similar industrial history and distribution of entrepreneurship traditions.

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Southern Ostrobothnia region in Finland has a long history with entrepreneurship. The town of Lapua is known for its cartridge factory that started to operate in 1927. In 1976 there was large explosion in the factory, after the explosion the factory relocated into new location. The factory operates to this day, employing many locals and bringing them together. The old factory complex has been remodelled into cultural centre which houses library, theatre, companies and town museums. The town museums consist of multiple museum entities – one of them is the cartridge factory museum which could offer resources and expertise for memory gathering project.

The project proposal is done in cooperation with the town of Lapua Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku. Contact person Mr. Sakari Hanhimäki, Muse

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Aim of the project is to document oral history by engaging local communities. Locals take part in documenting their own entrepreneur history and this way they also recognize the similarities between various different European entrepreneur traditions as collective cultural heritage. In the project people associated with the entrepreneur families and labourers from these family-run companies are brought together to share their memories about daily life in the company. During these meetings through reminiscing, participants share oral history and memories. Through local experiences can be found links to the collective European entrepreneurship tradition. Meetings are documented by cultural heritage professionals such as museums and the results are shared online and stored in museum collection


Goal of the project is to document and archive oral history related to the local factories since late 1800´s. This can be achieved by engaging former entrepreneurs, labourers and their families and helping them share their own stories and memories related to entrepreneurship. Second goal is to document this process and results of the project. Local museums can organize events where people associated with these entrepreneur family companies can share their memories about the companies and events around them. Local museums help coordinate the events and also document the discussions as oral history that can be stored in the museum collections. The results can be used to support local identity building and the attractiveness of the area as a business environment.