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Efficient Use of Local Renewables

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Efficient Use of Local Renewables
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The utilization of renewable energy is geared towards International and Finland’s national level targets to decrease CO2 -emissions. Decentralized energy production and the increase of energy self-sufficiency will improve the security of supply, reduce risks and bring job opportunities along with benefits to the regional economy in Kainuu.

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Efficient Use of Local Renewables -project contributes to the replacement of fossil-based energy by local renewable energy in Kainuu region, Northern Finland. The aim of the project is to map real estate targets in rural areas of Kainuu which consider renewing their building’s energy solutions. The project delivers information on the most suitable renewable energy solution for the designated real estate targets and provides support in the investment process. The approach is to select sample sites to distribute the information. These sample sites are located in Kainuu and neighboring regions in Finland as well as abroad. The project communicates and disseminates actively on its own website, social media and traditional media.
The project will apply funding from Rural Development Programme of Mainland Finland 2014 - 2020. The project will be implemented from 1st of April 2018 to 31st of January 2020. The project will be administered by Finnish Forest Centre.


Efficient Use of Local Renewables -project calls for partners from Sweden and Central Europe, one from each, to carry out project’s knowledge building excursions. Potential partners have connections to destinations which successfully implement the use of local renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies in properties’ energy solutions. Knowledge building excursions are funded by the project. More detailed schedules for the excursions will be formed after the project begins. Reciprocally the project welcomes visitors from designated destinations to the Kainuu Region, Northern Finland. The project will offer transportation from accommodations in Kainuu to sample sites in the region as well as meals during visit. Precondition for the partnership is that the project will receive a positive funding decision in the spring 2018.
Open applications will be received.