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We look for LAGs worried about giving smart solutions in their rural territories.

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Six Local Action Groups in Castilla and Leon (Spain) are working since May to develop a smart opening system in our 14 rural museums. Our museums were created with LEADER. These centers are elements that show our culture, history, landscape and biodiversity, but with Crisis our municipalitiies and public Administrations couldn´t pay at their staff and these centers closed.

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With this Smart system are open 24 hours 365 days a year and our tourist, visitors, schools centers can enjoy them again. Thank you at LEADER cooperation project "MUSEOS VIVOS".
For this reason, we want open this project at transnational cooperation project, because we know our problem is frequent problem to most of the LAGs in EU.


+ Offer smart applications in our municipalities that improve the quality of life and image of our villages and our population
+ Solve a real problem in our territories and museums.
+ Recover these rural museums to offer our visitors our cultural and natural heritage.
+ Establish thematic networks of centers / museums in the participating countries and in the EU.