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SMART RURAL. Smart and competitive rural environments

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SMART RURAL. Smart and competitive rural environments
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Any LAG that has developed or is developing a smart village strategy in its territory, with whom we can share knowledge and develop projects together.

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The traditionally called rural spaces are being redefined globally, and we are facing a series of social, economic, political and cultural transformations. In the case of the Basque Country, both the strategy presented by the MENDINET local action group, as well as the strategic framework of each region, are based on the Regional Rural Development Programs, which constitute our workguide.
Among the main challenges of the rural areas of the Basque Country are the promotion of the creation and diversification of economic activity, the generation of employment and the consolidation of a supply of quality services and infrastructures that guarantee the same opportunities for people in both rural and urban; all from a rural perspective, attending and maintaining the identity of each municipal

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This project, places us before the challenge of responding to the challenges and needs of the territories in which it is applied, taking into account their strengths and local assets.
Building a new roadmap, which in each case guides the transformation of rural areas of the Basque Country into smart territories. To do so, we have this main action lines :
• Identification and dissemination of successful experiences, within Spain and/or the rest of Europe, and to establish a shared methodology for the identification and compilation of good practices in this area.
• Exchanges between partners to consolidate learning networks through knowledge of initiatives carried out in other areas.
• Formation and dynamization actions that allow local authorities, agents and people involved.


The general objectives of the project “SMART RURAL. Smart and competitive rural environments” are the following:
• Adapt the concept of “Smart Villages” to the reality of rural areas of the Basque Country.
• Learn about other experiences in the field of smart development premises and facilitate the exchange of knowledge.
• Internalize and make own new ways of approaching the development of rural areas, under the approach of "smart villages" through training and empowerment of the agents involved.
• Design a flexible process, based on different phases which will guide towards the desired result through the know-how acquired in the work carried out collaboratively between the participant agents.