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Short Mediterranean Stories II

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Short Mediterranean Stories II
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Mediterranean countries

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The project «Short Mediterranean Stories II» is an evaluation of the transnational project «Short Mediterranean Stories », which was implemented during the previous program of LEADER (2007-2013).
In the first programming period the transnational project managed to implement following actions and these would be the starting point for new inputs:
1. Establishment and operation of the “Short Mediterranean Stories” Network
2. Electronic infrastructure and support of the project
3. Organizing events and institutions
4. Coordination – Support

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Actions of culture, gastronomy and art around the Mediterranean. Be part of it!
The project involves Mediterranean areas which have special features (culture, natural, man-made environment, history, architecture, tradition, gastronomy, events). The combination of these characteristics in each region can create a complete image of Mediterranean culture and simultaneously create an attractive high quality destination, which offers the opportunity of alternative / cultural tourism development.
The first phase of the Project was implemented during the previous programming period (Local Approach Program LEADER Axis 4 of the RDP 2007-2013). The aim was to create a common cultural action for Mediterranean people, through the enhancement of regions that have an important cultural and gastronomic stock and interesting natural and social environment. The ultimate goal is the establishment of institutions and events in the participating regions as well as effective networking of regions through partnerships and exchange.


- The establishment of the foundations in the regions and qualitative promotion in coming event,
- The promotion of the tourism and alternative tourist resources of each region,
- The promotion of local cuisine and local products of quality,
- The expansion of local and transnational groups (artists, scientists, chefs, entrepreneurs) dealing with the foundations which are created by the «Short Mediterranean Stories»,
- The broadening of the cycle of the «Short Mediterranean Stories» with new places, institutions and actions,
- The substantial networking of the areas and development of cooperation and exchanges,
- The creation of audiovisual material, of special artistic value, as an alternative tourist guide for the participating areas.