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Malvasia Myth
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The Development Company of Parnon S.A. through the new Programming Period CLLD/LEADER 20142020 aims to transnational cooperation with countries implementing LEADER local programs. The aim of this cooperation is the emergence and spread of wine culture, as well as the interconnection of the tourist identity of the regions with their traditional products that have quality, reputation and are directly linked to the region for the development of gastronomic tourism.

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Malvasia wine is probably the most important wine in history! This dark, sweet white wine from raisined - sun dried grapes was originally produced in Greece (Peloponnese, Cycladic islands and Crete) and eventually it was being transported by ships to Venice-Italy and from there to the "salons" of Europe, becoming the most famous wine in Europe in the years of the trade republic of Venice.
Many areas in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal produce their own type of Malvasia, as an evolution of the original Malvasia of the middle ages.
We aim to revive the myth of Malvasia wine by identifying the production areas and design actions to support and promote the history and the value of the wines and, finally, combine with the special characteristics and attractions of the areas to create new touristic value, new products and enhance productivity of Malvasia wines.


• Research and documentation: Research and development of bibliographic, historical, research data. Scientific substantiation of the value and the brand name Malvasia in historical time, from the start of its production until the expansion and consolidation in Europe and the new productive areas in the Mediterranean.
• Creation of transnational brand Malvasia: Concept, story and development of the brand. Creation of individual elements (graphics, videos, texts, etc.) The way of brand acceptance and inclusion in products and campaigns of relevant enterprises.
• Electronic promotion: Design of Multilanguage Website by presenting elements of history and wine production, wine and other complementary businesses, wine and related products, tourist information production areas etc. Design and implementation of web promotion campaign, pages on social media. Designing mobile applications mobile apps or mobile sites.
• Education: Design of educational seminars for entrepreneurs in production areas, to develop related Malvasia products and services.
• Exchange of visits: Plan visits of producers and other interested in producing areas in the Mediterranean. Combination with related activities, such as conferences, festivals and events on Malvasia, and exchange of experiences for learner’s entrepreneurs etc.
• Events: Design and implementation of new events or strengthen and upgrade existing networking events and wine festivals and historical interest on Malvasia in the regions involved. Creation and support of wine tourism activities. Design and creation of tourist packages.