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Certified agricultural products are a very important attraction point for tourists when they look for new destinations or when they visit an area. However, tourists today struggle to find integrated information on the certified products that each area offers and struggle to locate the products, finally being satisfied by “bumbing” into some of the products in urban markets. This situation decreases the interest on certified products, does not offer decentralised areas the opportunity to attract tourists with one of their few “weapons” along with nature and quietness.

Project idea summary: 

Scope of the iFlavours transnational CLLD project is to develop a common mobile application for the participating areas that will guide tourists (as well as citizens) to easily locate certified agricultural products (PDO, PGI, TSG, other certifications) when they visit an area and to learn on these products before they buy them.


Objectives of the project are:
 Increase the demand for and offer of certified products
 Increase touristic flows to decentralized and not highly touristic zones
 Upgrade the promotion of small local enterprises
 Promote the participating areas to product-seekers
 Increase complementary rural income
 Lead to a future integrated EU mobile map for certified products in rural areas.
Target groups:
 Tourists
 Citizens
 Flavors and products seekers
Proposed Action Plan:
 Development of the application
 Collection, development and finalization of information on certified products per area
 Collection of information on enterprises selling the products
 Finalization of agreements with the enterprises (that will secure the continuous offer of
products and standard exchange of information with the LAGs on any changes)
 Promotion of the application in all areas and online
 Participation in tourism exhibitions