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AKTES - Transnational Coastal Quality Pact

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AKTES - Transnational Coastal Quality Pact
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Coastal areas are lagging significantly behind regarding quality issues. This fact leads to low tourism demand, and to low quality tourism products. Each area does not have the capacity to deal with this issue itself due to lack of integrated know-how and experience, but many areas together can join forces and develop a common high quality product that will be also commonly marketed and sold.
Low quality means also low supplementary income for local fishermen and other producers who base their quality of life on the supplementary income from tourism.

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Scope of the AKTES transnational cooperation project is to develop and operate a transnational quality pact for the coastal participating areas so as to unite their enterprises and their tourism products under a common strategy on quality of services and products offered, and, as a result to improve their tourism products, increase the tourism demand and visitors’ satisfaction, and lead to a 12-month tourism period, thus to more rural income and work places in the participating coastal areas.


Scope of the transnational cooperation is the development of a common strategy based on local experiences (exchange of experience) and the exploitation of each area’s identity and potential for a common goal to increase tourism flows and mitigate seasonality.
Proposed Action Plan:
- Business Plan for the operation of the transnational coastal quality pact AKTES and Internal Operation Regulation to secure its viability and serve its vision and mission
- Legal establishment of the transnational organization
- Conducting common quality specifications: a) for services, b) for products
- Design of the AKTES quality logo and production of 20.000 stickers
- Design of the AKTES certificate and production of 2.000 wall tablets for the participating enterprises
- Quality control programming and certificate assignment procedures
- Development and operation of common website of the participating areas
- Design of 5 transnational thematic itineraries and production of 5.000 maps
- Design of 15 transnational thematic tourism packages and production of 15.000 booklets
- Development of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- Design and production of promotion brochure
- Agreements with regional and national travel agencies to promote the tourism packages and advertising on web tourism magazines and sites