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Enhancement of European Rural Development Capabilities - ENERDECA II

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Enhancement of European Rural Development Capabilities - ENERDECA II
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We are looking for partners from the Meditteranean Basin (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Cyprus) with a rich background in natural and cultural resources (tangible and intangible) with the prospect of promoting creative tourism activities, i.e. cooking classes to meet locals, choirs who travel with the purpose of giving concerts in each place they visit, groups of dancers, sketchers or photography lovers, whose travel purpose is to practice their hobby.

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With the exception of European countryside destinations that are already well-established and highly visited many destinations have not yet found their share in local and extra-local markets. This is due to insufficient utilization of their critical resources or their inability to adapt to the modern needs of tourists seeking “experiences” rather than “memories”. In view of the above, and with regard to the value of cooperation, the following points are highlighted: a) Partners from areas where they have critical resources and promoted new products and services will transfer know-how to the remaining partners, b) Promoting common standards favors the transferability of good practices, c) The combination of resources at transnational level creates an authentic and attractive product.

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The project aims to establish a common framework of cooperation between businesses and institutions in all partner areas with the main objective being the formulation of a common development understanding and the adoption of new methods and practices for the promotion and interpretation of local resources. The project also seeks to promote a distinctive transnational creative tourism product and stimulate business activity by developing creative industries. The main parameters of the project are, on one hand, the interpretation of the cultural and natural resources of the partner areas and, on the other, the enhancement of tourism experience through the development of creative tourism activities at local and extra-local level.


• Recognizing the intrinsic and external value of the partner regions' resources.
• Developing common methods and practices for promoting cultural and natural resources.
• Applying modern methods and techniques in the promotion of the natural and cultural capital for the purposes of (a) enhancing tourist experience and (b) promoting the identity of partner areas.
• Strengthening local social capital in partner areas through training in new businesses.
• Introducing new products and services.
• Creating a distinctive and attractive transnational creative tourism product.
• Fostering the exchange of know-how between transnational partners.