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LAG Midt-Nordvestsjælland

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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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Michella Schack
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+45 424 7005 8
Skarridsøgade 40
4450 Jyderup
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We will create "Life in the Backyard"/"Live in the Backyard"
LAG Midt-Nordvestjælland's local development strategy 'Life in the Backyard' describes what and how we aim to help develop and strengthen entrepreneurship, settlements and tourism.
Under the working title 'Life in the Backyard', the LDS of LAG Midt-Nordvestsjælland will focus its efforts on developing the rural areas of Kalundborg, Sorø, Odsherred, Holbæk and Lejre municipalities over the coming years from 2014 to 2020.
The backyard is the part of the garden where we stay the most. This is where we relax, eat our meals, grow our vegetables, play and stay with family and friends. The backyard is diverse. Here is space for the handyman, the greenhouse, the playhouse and the compost pond, the herbbed and the ornamental garden. When we are in the backyard there is a little more room - for the strange uncle and the troubled child. Here, the ceilings are high - in the literal sense. In short, the backyard is where we unfold and let the creativity run freely.
We have chosen the backyard as a picture of our area, because we find that the site-based resources, in the form of large natural areas and long coastlines just 1/2 to 2 hours drive from Denmark's capital city of Copenhagen, are embedded in this image. Here, both Copenhageners and city tourists can relax and get away from hectic city life, together with the area's own citizens. But the backyard does not create itself. It is appealing by virtue of a strong cultural history, a vibrant artist culture and tradition of entrepreneurship. The area has been put on the national and international map in recent years by the great effort to convey and preserve the natural and cultural historical values ​​of Geopark Odsherred, Åmosen Nature Park and National Park Skjoldungeland.
We will make Mid-North West Zealand the birthplace of innovative solutions that optimize living conditions and create jobs. We have formulated four goals for the realization of our vision:
1. To develop and strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises.
2. To develop tourism for the area as a whole.
3. To strengthen entrepreneurship especially among the youth.
4. To keep citizens and increase settlement.

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Kalundborg Kommune, Odsherred Kommune, Holbæk Kommune, Sorø Kommune, Lejre Kommune (five municipalities)
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€ 3 520 000
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€ 3 225 000
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€ 295 000
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€ 0