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Village identity, spatial and architectural solutions for village development

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Village identity, spatial and architectural solutions for village development
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The village identity is essential for the viability of the place. Policy makers are to often tackled by the fast development of those spaces, e.g. appartements, parking lots, allotments, vacant houses,... They do not always have the tools to preserve and to enhance the village DNA. We want to provide those.

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We want to develop an atlas of the villages which will provide the base material for defining their identity. A manual or 'recipe book' should provide quidelines for proper village planning. An oral and visual story telling technique will enrich this through a bottom-up process. In this way the USP of a village will also be defined.
Through testcase(s) we not only want to capture and define the challenges but also confront our manual whith these challenges.


- We prefer to have an atlas of all the villages in our area in which the geographic history and identity of each village is described
- Knowledge transfer and exchange of good practices about spatial planning and architecture in villages with other Leadergroup(s)
- Some villages (yet to be identified) will be used as testcase
- In the end we want to give the policy makers and their staff guidelines and tools for making villages more resilient.