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Citizenship and interaction in the heart of RURALITY!

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Citizenship and interaction in the heart of RURALITY!
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Our LAG is looking for a territorial partner in Europe who wish to cooperate in the dynamic of territorial animation in order to develop practical tools dedicated to citizenship consciousness-raising and open democracy.

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Our LAG has been active since 15 years in our territory (located 30 km from the South-East of Bruxelles – 53 943 inhabitants in 2016 – 317 km²). Since 2002, we have been well positioned among a network of public and private partners.
Moreover, it is clear that citizens' initiatives are increasing in European rural territories. The population seeks to become increasingly involved in their village, in cultural and socio-economic projects aiming for more solidarity, creativity and a valorization of the terroir, environment and short circuits.
Driven by various wills of responsible consumption, conviviality, environmental preservation, civic engagement, fairer economy ... these local actions are on the rise throughout Europe. The citizen seeks to reclaim his territory, wishes to express himself about his future and want to be socio-economically involved.
Therefore, in addition to the actions that are set out in its strategy, LAG Culturalité wishes to develop a number of tools to serve its mission of territorial animation and citizen initiatives support. These tools will allow communication, exchange, facilitation, logistical support, evaluation, emulation around these positive initiatives and awareness of the specificities of the rural terroir.
Inspiring experiences: transition initiatives, citizen lab, smart cities…

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Design and animation of a citizen platform bringing together different tools of awareness/consciousness-raising and interaction: cooperative web platform, mobile truck equipped with animation materials dedicated to rurality, organization of participatory events.


- To promote citizenship initiatives, private and public actions taking place in the light of territorial sustainable development, and in a transition way.
- To identify and to reinforce a network of citizen-actors, key players willing to exchange on good practices and to come out with new projects.
- Through emulation, to incite new project creation and citizen consultation in local projects.
- To promote meetings and citizenship consciousness to all specificities of rural regions.