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In the footsteps of European agrarian pioneers

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In the footsteps of European agrarian pioneers
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The Mostviertel in Lower Austria has become a competence center for cider production through innovative brand and product development, both nationally and internationally. As part of an EU project, we want to get to the bottom of this culture and explore the work of pioneers. So there was, for example, the pioneer Wilhelm Albert Schleicher, who already determined fruit varieties in the 19th century, planted and documented many trees. For posterity, he left a book on typical apple and pear varieties, with detailed drawings and descriptions.

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The project wants to look for such pioneers (which may be people, but also associations, institutions, schools) in several EU countries and use this treasure for the direct marketing of today's cider and fruit farmers. They should use old varieties, maybe even old techniques, to create new products that will give them a unique selling proposition. Highlights include a touring exhibition, a joint organic food market run by direct marketers from several EU countries, and cinematic documentation.


• Processing of the respective agrarian pioneers in the individual project partner countries - summary in an exhibition and in a brochure
• Product development with direct marketers from the individual project partner countries - in each case at least one new regional product and possibly even a common product should be developed
• Presentation of the direct marketers as part of a trade fair / event format: we would like to further develop our Eisenstraße bio market and invite direct marketers from the partner countries, plus: presentation at the Bio Austria trade fair in Wieselburg
• Mutual excursions
• Film documentation of the agrarian pioneers
• Ev. even: planting a common garden of European agrarian pioneers in one of the project partner countries