Thematic Working Groups

The European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP organises Thematic Working Groups to find practical solutions to specific issues related to the evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Each Thematic Working Group typically includes members of the Evaluation Helpdesk’s permanent staff as well as selected external experts with relevant knowledge. The topics addressed through a Thematic Working Group are decided by DG AGRI, in cooperation with the Evaluation Helpdesk and in consultation with Member States. DG AGRI staff and Member States' representatives are also invited to contribute to particular Thematic Working Group activities, when appropriate. 

The following Thematic Working Groups have been launched: 

Related to 2014-2021 implementation period

  1. Assessment of RDP results: how to prepare for reporting on evaluation in 2017  
  2. Evaluation of National Rural Networks 2014-2020
  3. Evaluation of LEADER/CLLD
  4. Evaluation of Innovation in RDPs 2014-2020
  5. Reporting on RDP Achievements and Impacts in 2019
  6. Data for the assessment of RDP achievements and impacts
  7. Preparing for the ex ante evaluation of the CAP Strategic Plan
  8. Ex post evaluation of RDPs 2014-2020: Learning from practice
  9. Research Projects to Support Better Data for Evaluating the CAP

Related to the 2023-2027 implementation period

  1. Animal Welfare Indicator
  2. Evaluation of AKIS

The various guidelines and tools developed by the Thematic Working Groups can be downloaded from the Evaluation Helpdesk’s publication database