Thematic Working Group 3 - Evaluation of LEADER/CLLD

The evaluation of LEADER/CLLD ensures transparency and accountability vis-a-vis the stakeholders involved and the European tax payers. The evaluation of LEADER/CLLD is a complex task and concerns several aspects, which are further specified in the basic and implementing acts. These aspects comprise the evaluation of LEADER/CLLD at the national/regional level and take into consideration the partnership agreement and operational programmes (e.g. RDP), and the sub-regional/local/LAG level, where the main focus is given to local action groups and CLLD strategies.

Against this background the Evaluation Helpdesk has launched in 2016 a Thematic Working Group with the aim to develop Guidelines to assist Managing Authorities, Paying Agencies, LAGs and evaluators in the evaluation of LEADER/CLLD interventions and related reporting.

The objectives of the “Guidelines on the evaluation of LEADER/CLLD” are to help Member States:

  • Examine and address the major challenges in the evaluation of LEADER/CLLD;
  • Build up and capitalise on existing experiences in the evaluation of LEADER/CLLD;
  • Identify and design effective solutions and approaches in the evaluation of LEADER/CLLD at national/regional and local levels.

The Guidelines are available in the Evaluation Helpdesk's eLibrary