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This report summarises the major outcomes of the Good Practice Workshop, ‘A journey through evaluation plans: Learning from past experiences for the future CAP’, which was hosted by the European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development. 

The overall objective of the workshop was to reflect on experiences in relation to the design and implementation of Evaluation Plans. Specifically, it aimed at: exchanging experiences concerning the design and implementation of Evaluation Plans in order to identify what worked well and what should be avoided; discussing specific elements of the Evaluation Plans in relation to the process, governance, content, management, and communication; and identifying best practices for the future for further promoting evaluation culture and for better design and implementation of the Evaluation Plans.

These tables provide an overview of the reported values of complementary result indicators per Rural Development Programme, which Member States reported to the European Commission in 2019, via SFC. The indicator values were reported from the operations with primary, secondary and LEADER contributions. 

This Working Document has been initiated on the basis of the existing glossary annexed to the European Commission – Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (2017) Technical Handbook on the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework of the Common Agricultural Policy 2014 – 2020, hereafter referred as ‘DG AGRI (2017) Technical Handbook for the CMEF 2014-2020’. Moreover, it contains key terms related to evaluation developed by, or used during the European Evaluation Helpdesk’s Thematic Working Groups (TWGs).  

This research aimed to gain insights into the effectiveness of the scheme by analysing participants’ perception on it. It focused on the strengths and areas for improvement of the scheme.

This report was commissioned by the Scottish Government for Winning Moves to conduct a piece of research to explore the quality, focus and effectiveness of the Farm Advisory Service (FAS).