Interactive Decision Tool for I.08, I.09

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Publication date: 
April, 2020

The interactive decision tool, ‘Data for the assessment of RDP achievements and impacts’, is based on the logic model approach which was originally developed by the EU collaborative project ENVIEVAL (Grant Agreement No. 31207 in the EU’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration). The Evaluation Helpdesk has applied this approach for its thematic working group, which serves to support Member States in their assessment of RDP impacts in 2019 and the ex-post.

The choice of a suitable evaluation approach is a critical step in the evaluation process. The wish to carry out a robust assessment of the policy’s effects needs to be matched with those aspects which factor into conducting an evaluation (data and information availability, budget and resources, and the skills of the evaluators).

This interactive decision tool is for Impact Indicators:

I.08 Farmland Bird Index (FBI)
I.09 High Nature Value (HNV) farming

For more information on the Thematic Working Group: Data for the assessment of RDP achievements and impacts