The On-going Evaluation of NRDP 2014-2020 during 2017-2020. Evaluation study VII – Environmental and climate measures of NRDP 2014-2020

Publication date: 
February, 2023

The evaluation study VII - "Environmental and climate measures in the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020" highlighted the results and effectiveness of programme interventions, from the perspective of objectives aimed at conserving biodiversity, water and soil quality management, mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change, as well as the need for sustainable development. The contribution of the RDP was examined, through the analysis of environmental and climate measures: M10 - Agri-environment and climate, M11 - Organic agriculture , M13 - Payments for areas facing natural or other specific constraints, M15 - Forestry services, climate services and forest conservation, M15.1 - Payments for forestry commitments; M8 - Investments in the development of forested areas and in improving the viability of forests, M8.1 - Afforestation and creation of forested areas. General recommendations are also presented to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the RDP, both for the end of the 2014-2020 programming period and for the future programming period.