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This factsheet sheds light on the methodology used in the ongoing thematic evaluation carried out in five German federal states. The evaluation has already been conducted by the Thünen-Institute of Farm Economics in the programming period 2007-2013 and is again being carried out for the 2014–2020 RDPs.

This factsheet provides an overview of the tendering and contracting procedures for the ex ante evaluation in Slovenia of the rural development programme (RDP) 2014–2020.

This study used firm-level micro data to estimate the productivity effects of investment support (measure 121). The recently developed Coarsened Exact Matching (CEM) method was used to model the selection bias attached to the assignment of support and to estimate the causal effects.

This case study from Finland focuses on the evaluation of the impacts of EU rural development measures and programmes on climate stability at the macro level using a multi-regional dynamic partial equilibrium modelling approach.

Danish Case Study - LAG Operations Database for the monitoring and evaluation of LEAder/clld

This factcheet explores the PROMIS – Project Result Oriented Management Information System. PROMIS is an integrated web-based solution, which helps to:

  • manage the application and selection process of LEADER/CLLD supported projects; and
  • carry out the monitoring and evaluation of LEADER at two levels: RDP and LAG. This factsheet further highlights potential strengths and weaknesses of LAG Operations Databases.