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This analysis examines the extent to which Regional Development Strategies (RES) for the implementation of LEADER in Thuringia correspond to the intentions and objectives of the RDP and to what extent the design of the RES is coherent with objectives and identified needs of the RDP. The study captures quantitative and qualitative aspects. The report covers the SWOT and needs assessments included in the RES, as well as the LEADER-specific target indicators of the EU's Joint Monitoring and Assessment System (CMES). In addition, the provisions of the RAG for monitoring and evaluation is also included in the analysis.

Thus, the present analysis is a building block for evaluation of LEADER in the context of the evaluation of the RDP.

This report summarises the major outcomes of the Good Practice Workshop, 'Approaches to Assess Socio-economic and Sector Related RDP Impacts in 2019', which was co-hosted by the European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development and Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 

The workshop aimed at showing and discussing practical examples of evaluation approaches for assessing the socio-economic and sector related CAP Pillar II impact indicators and for answering the related Common Evaluation Questions (CEQ) in 2019.