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The Annual Evaluation Report for the year 2019 represents de facto, due to the delayed start of the evaluation activities, the first analysis on the entire NRN programme based on direct surveys. The report has different levels of in-depth analysis of the priorities in which the programme is divided, conditioned by the different quantity of subjects that it was possible to consult for the collection of primary data, also in relation to the limitations imposed by the health emergency.

This document aims at examining the evaluation conditions of the programme that are the factors that influence the methodological approach and the conduct of the evaluation activities, proposing suitable solutions to overcome critical situations. 

The design of the evaluation constitutes, together with the Report on the conditions of evaluation, the structuring phase of the evaluation process. In order to ensure its effective application, as well as applicability, the evaluator has therefore intended to define the key steps in a precise but flexible manner, such as, for example, the methods for collecting information, the techniques for quantifying the indicators of the programme and methodology for answering the evaluation questions.

Thematic evaluation on the analysis of the effectiveness of the selection criteria adopted in the calls for investment operations in agricultural holdings (4.1.1, 4.1.2) and for the setting up of young farmers (6.1.1) in the RDP of the Piedmont Region.

These guidelines serve as a tool to support the LAGs in the evaluations they must implement to consolidate their management skills. The main objective is to harmonize the evaluation activities between LAGs in order to make the paths and the outcomes of the evaluations better comparable.

This report represents the first evaluation product, delivered in March and integrated in April on the basis of the observations of the Region. It reports the results of the structuring phase for setting up the evaluation and organizing activities.