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The results of the long-term survey on the image of rural agricultural and rural economies will help to assess the changes in reputation and awareness of the EAFRD by sector. According to the results, the Managing Authority plans information activities in cooperation with other departments. The purpose of the RDP information activities is to increase awareness of the RDP support and rural life opportunities. This contributes to the application for support and the development of a positive image of rural life.  

This report provides an overview of the research related to the evaluation of Priority 4 and 5 of the RDP 2014-2020, which was organized and conducted by the Agricultural Research Center in 2019.  The report consists of 5 chapters and 73 annexes. Research has been carried out in the following areas: soil, water, biodiversity and the economy.

This report provides an overview of the evaluation of the measures related to Priorities 4 and 5 of the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2014-2020, Priority 3 “Animal Welfare” measure, which has been carried out by the Agricultural Research Center. The report consists of a general section, a land use analysis, a measure analysis and 48 annexes. The first chapter of the report provides an overview of the legal framework for the evaluation, the implementation of measures, evaluation activities and evaluation communication. The second chapter describes the agricultural land use of the area covered by area payments. The third chapter focuses on the detailed analysis of the measures.

This survey mapped the economic situation of rural entrepreneurs, looking at the structural change in enterprises from 2007 compared to 2017, as well as the most common economic indicators and financial ratios in the period 2014–2018. Farmers, food processors and rural entrepreneurs were also interviewed on their economic status, action and investment plans, competitiveness, export and joint activities, knowledge transfer and risk management. 

The aim of the study was to find out to what extent the data of the agricultural accounting database can be used in assessing the effectiveness of the RDP‘s measures. FADN data has been used to assess the impact of support paid under the RDP’s environmental measures on the economic sustainability of agricultural holdings, as well as to form and substantiate Estonia's positions concerning the future development of the Common Agricultural Policy. 

This factsheet focuses on the assessment of pesticide utilisation load in Estonia.