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This first report in the multi-year evaluation on sustainable effects from CLLD analyses what is meant by sustainable effects and how the intervention logic has been designed at program, strategy and application level.

The selection criteria in the rural development program must contribute to choosing projects and investments that best contribute to the goals. National and regional criteria are known in advance and applicants can design projects and investments so that they are in line with the objectives. Based on the criteria, a clear and goal-oriented prioritization is made, where the applications are assessed on the basis of the same criteria. This report highlights the functioning of the system and provides recommendations for improvements that should be considered.  

A follow-up of support within the rural development program.  There are four sub-measures in the rural development program that are comparable to the action for CLLD in its current form. The report compares sub-measures in the rural development program with the measure for CLLD based on several criteria. The focus of the report is on the design of the support and the projects granted within the various measures.  

The evaluation examines the beneficiaries 'own perceptions of how investment aid affects companies' business development, innovation capacity and competitiveness.  

A follow-up of support within the program. The number of applicants and applied for area for environmental compensation for the management of wetlands and dams has increased during the period

The evaluation examines how the compensation for increased animal welfare has worked and whether the goals of the compensation have been achieved.