Getting prepared for the ex-ante evaluation of the CAP Strategic Plan

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21 March 2019

Brussels, Belgium 



In 2019, Member States will start preparing their CAP Strategic Plans. They will establish an intervention strategy based on the SWOT analysis and an assessment of needs[1]. In this process, the ex-ante evaluation plays an important role in improving the quality of the design of their CAP Strategic Plans[2]. One of the elements that the ex-ante evaluation will appraise is the contribution of the CAP Strategic Plan to the CAP specific objectives, taking into account national and regional needs and potential for development. This means that the ex-ante evaluation will analyse the needs assessment and SWOT analysis carried out for the elaboration of the CAP Strategic Plan as well as the logical inter-linkages among them.


The Good Practice Workshop has the overarching aim to raise awareness for evidence-based policy making by identifying good practice in using evaluation in the programming stage (ex-ante evaluation). Specific objectives of the workshop include:

  • Provide a forum to discuss and learn lessons from the ex-ante evaluation experiences gained in the current programming period 2014 – 2020.
  • Exchange good practices to capitalise on experiences and evaluation results for the preparation of the next programming period.
  • Identify challenges and needs for preparing the ex-ante evaluation of the CAP Strategic Plan and develop suggestions to help MAs and evaluators in their ex-ante evaluation activities.

Target audience:

The workshop is addressed to managing authorities, evaluators, evaluation stakeholders as well as EU-level evaluation experts and EC representatives.                                                                         ​

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