EvaluationWORKS! 2021

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The Evaluation Helpdesk’s EvaluationWORKS! 2021 yearly capacity building events will provide a forum for learning and exchange in each Member State focused on the following topics:

  • Better data for evaluating the CAP.
  • Evaluation plans: Experiences and outlook to the future.
  • How to deal with contextual changes and new regulations for monitoring and evaluation?

The EvaluationWORKS! 2021 events aim to:

  • Provide an annual forum for the exchange of information among stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in RDP evaluations. 
  • Discuss evaluation challenges and strengthen the capacity of all participants. 
  • Analyse the outcomes of the discussions and share the findings with relevant stakeholders at the Member State and EU-level.

Given that the needs and capacity building interests of Member States have become increasingly diverse as the end of the programming period approaches, Member States will be able to pick and choose which topics they would like to cover in order to tailor their events to their specific needs.

Additionally, this year the Evaluation Helpdesk is offering a new innovative option of peer-learning seminars which can be conducted between two or more Member States. These events will include input presentations from participating Member States, as well as complementary presentations and guiding discussion questions provided by the Evaluation Helpdesk. In addition to this collective capacity building approach, some of these transnational workshops will benefit from the presence of a thematic expert, who will guide Member States in developing applicable proposals for their specific concerns.