EvaluationWORKS! 2020

Improving evidence-based RDP evaluations in view of the ex post

The EvaluationWORKS! 2020 yearly capacity building events topic will be ‘Improving evidence-based evaluations in view of the ex post’. This broad topic is addressed by different sessions on specific sub-topics, which Member States were given the choice to cover:

  • General evaluation framework for the ex post.
  • Data mapping for the assessment of results and impacts.
  • Environmental Complementary Result Indicators.
  • Share/percentage of rural population benefiting from new/improved services/infrastructures (CMES-Indicator).
  • Job creation in rural areas (CMES-Indicator).
  • Quantification of LEADER/CLLD contributions and its secondary effects.
  • Net contributions of socio-economic impact indicators.

The EvaluationWORKS! 2020 events aim to: 

  • Follow up on the lessons from the evaluations in 2019 through identifying potential weaknesses.
  • Overcome the challenges in data management and data quality in view of the ex post evaluation and beyond.
  • Address specific priority areas in the fields of environment, climate change and social indicators.

Participants of the capacity building events will have the opportunity to have structured discussions with evaluation stakeholders and share individual experiences to identify what works well and what potentially still needs to be improved at the RDP level.

The EvaluationWORKS! 2020 yearly capacity building events will take place between September and November 2020 and will be attended by evaluation stakeholders from throughout the EU Member States. These events will be carried out in the local languages across the Member States by the Helpdesk’s network of Geographic Experts and will be adapted to meet the needs and specificities of each Member State. Given the current COVID-19 situation, most of the EvaluationWORKS! 2020 events will take place online.