EvaluationWORKS! 2017

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The Evaluation Helpdesk has organized its yearly capacity building events, EvaluationWORKS! 2017, on the topic, ‘Follow up of the AIR 2017: lessons learnt for the evaluation in 2019’. Between November 2017 and April 2018, 26 trainings have been provided to 27 Member States.[1]

The Evaluation Helpdesk provides the overall methods and material for the EvaluationWORKS! 2017 trainings but each event is adapted to the individual needs and requests of the Member States. These events are often hosted by the local Managing Authority or relevant ministry, who frequently have an active role in the event and its execution.

The EvaluationWORKS! 2017 events aimed to:

  • Achieve a common understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation process in 2017.
  • Identify needed areas of support and capacity buildings that should be provided at the EU and national/regional levels in view of the 2019 AIR.
  • Operationalize follow up actions to address ‘systemic issues’ to ensure a better evaluation in 2019.

514 participants have attended the EvaluationWORKS! 2017 events. The primary participant groups were Managing Authorities (45%), evaluators (19%), Paying Agencies (10%), representatives of NRNs (5%) and researchers (3%) (Figure 1).

One of the outcomes of these EvaluationWORKS! events are specific info sheets summarising the main findings. These info sheets are shared with meeting participants and the European Commission’s Desk Officers in order to provide a quick overview of the state of play of the implementation of the Evaluation Plans in each Member State and the specific needs of their main stakeholders.

Figure 1: Participants by event and role

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EvaluationWORKS! 2017





[1] Belgium-Wallonia/Luxembourg and Belgium-Flanders/Netherlands had their events together.