EvaluationWORKS! 2016

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In 2016, two modules for the yearly capacity building event EvaluationWORKS! 2016 were offered to be tailored to the specific target group, capacity level and context of each Member State and conducted in the local language.

Module 1 - Getting prepared for reporting on evaluation in the AIR submitted in 2017

  • Requirements for evaluation of RDP and reporting in 2017 and how to understand the task, and improve the evaluation in 2014-2020
  • Specific challenges of evaluation and reporting in the AIR submitted in 2017
  • How to use the Guidelines “Assessment of RDP results” to fill the SFC template (including annex 11 – fiches for CEQ)
  • SFC template of the AIR 2017- chapter 7

Download the presentation for Module 1

Module 2 - Evaluation of LEADER/CLLD

  • Evaluation of LEADER/CLLD as part of rural development policy – purpose, legal framework, objectives, reporting requirements and reporting via the SFC template
  • LEADER/CLLD intervention logic in a specific RDP – how to identify it and capture its primary and secondary contributions to rural development programme and higher level objectives? Related challenges and possible solutions
  • Capturing the LEADER/CLLD effects at local level via assessment of:
  • CLLD strategy
  • LEADER method
  • LEADER added value

Between October 2016 and March 2017, 23 trainings in 24 Member States have been concluded on the first module “Getting prepared for reporting on evaluation in the AIR submitted in 2017”. [1]

The EvaluationWORKS! 2016 trainings have been attended by roughly 530 participants so far. The primary group of participants were Managing Authorities (50%), followed by evaluators (17%) and representatives from ministries (15%).




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[1]Belgium-Wallonia/Luxembourg and Belgium-Flanders/Netherlands had their events together.