EvaluationWORKS! 2015

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Three training modules were offered for the Evaluation Helpdesk’s yearly capacity building events EvaluationWORKS! 2015 in order to meet the requests and needs of Member States.

Module A: Common Monitoring and Evaluation System

  • The purpose and use of the CMES
  • The difference between CMES and CMEF and the main changes compared with the previous programming period
  • CMES elements and their linkages; the evaluation plan (EP); indicators; evaluation questions (EQs)

Download the presentation for Module A

Module B: Setting up the system to answer Evaluation Questions

  • The purpose of the evaluation questions (EQs) and the related evaluation requirements on the evaluation of RDPs, the Annual Implementation Reports (2017/2019)
  • How to make consistency checks among EQs, judgment criteria and indicators, etc.
  • Use of qualitative and quantitative methods and data collection systems

Download the presentation for Module B

Module C: Evaluation of LEADER/CLLD

  • Requirements on the evaluation of LEADER (at RDP and LAG level)
  • The roles of the stakeholders with emphasis on the links between the MA, PA, NRN and LAGs
  • Development of LEADER-related CMES elements (judgment criteria and indicators) in line with the intervention logic and the hierarchy of objectives of the LDS to understand the added value of LEADER

Download the presentation for Module C

Between October 2015 and June 2016, 29 capacity building events in 28 Member States were conducted.

  • The trainings were attended by a total of 750 participants.
  • The two largest groups of participants were from Managing Authorities and LAGs



Participants from the capacity building events highlighted:

  • An increase in the know-how on evaluation methods and practices;
  • The wide variety of evaluation stakeholders in attendance;
  • The exchange and transfer of experiences between stakeholders.


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