Back to Basics

What is the first thing when you think of ‘Evaluation’? 

Is it the indicators used? The data needed? The impacts or results shown? The complexity of the process? Or maybe it is the transparency and accountability of the policy.  

Evaluation and the concepts involved are often judged as being too complicated for the average individual to understand and therefore often left to ‘the experts’, however, evaluation is an essential part of the policy cycle in terms of learning and a critical part of facilitating transparency and accountability for EU citizens. This is why it is vital that the evaluation process and its concepts can be accessible for all rural development stakeholders. 

The Back to Basics Section of the ENRD website presents basic evaluation related information on a variety of topics in order to provide rural development stakeholders with an overview of the basic concepts that can serve to help those who are unacquainted with the evaluation process, the actors involved, and key concepts. 

These pages are meant to assist stakeholders by providing introductory information on a variety of concepts and topics and are not meant to be exhaustive. 
Additional information on all the topics covered in this section can be found through further links at the bottom of each of these pages. 

The pages of the Back to Basics section are divided into five general categories to allow readers to more easily find what they are looking for.