Research Projects Supporting Data and Evaluation

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The quality of evaluations depends substantially on the availability of data that can be analysed through various evaluation methods. Data availability and quality can be improved through planning appropriately the data needs, reviewing relevant data sources and by setting up and managing the systems to collect and process the required data for evaluation. 

There are a number of EU-level initiatives and projects (e.g. FLINT, NIVA, Sen4CAP, SIMRA) which are working on the improvement of data-infrastructure and data use (e.g. digital solutions, e-tools, algorithms, good practices) needed to provide up to date data for monitoring and evaluation of the CAP both at the EU and national levels.


The following is a selection of EU funded projects currently working on innovations for data collection which can support monitoring and evaluation.



Some of these research projects may support a wide range of topics, while others may help on a specific topic. For example on the topic of soil projects like NIVA, ENVISION, TimeStamp, SEN4CAP, SENSAGRI and DIONE may all support in different ways the assessment of soil erosion. 


To find out more about research projects that can support monitoring and evaluation of the CAP, explore the Helpdesk's Evaluation Knowledge Bank.

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