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In the programming period 2014-2020 there is often confusion between what is the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (CMEF) and the Common Monitoring and Evaluation System (CMES). How are they different? And how are they related?

How are they different?

The Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (CMEF) is the compilation of rules and procedures necessary for evaluating the whole CAP.

The Common Monitoring and Evaluation System (CMES) are the rules and procedures within the CMEF, which relate to rural development policy or Pillar II of the CAP.

How are they related? 

The interrelation between the two can be understood as a system within a framework. The CMEF since it encompasses both Pillars of the CAP (Pillar I (direct payments to farmers and market measures) and Pillar II (rural development measures)) also consequentially serves as the overarching framework which the system resides. The system or the CMES is specifically focused on rural development (Pillar II). Together the CMEF and CMES help to measure the full performance of the CAP. 

The figure provides further information on the specific and common elements for both Pillar I and II. 

CMES as Part of the CMEF


Source: European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development, © 2015

For further information refer to the brochure entitled ‘The monitoring and evaluation framework for the CAP 2014-2020’ for an overview of the CMEF’