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We are pleased to introduce you to the European CAP Network, launched on 6 October 2022. The Network brings together stakeholders from the previous European Network for Rural Development (including the Evaluation Helpdesk) and EIP-AGRI network and welcomes new stakeholders.

The EU CAP Network has been set up by the European Commission in line with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council to support the design and implementation of CAP strategic plans (CSPs) while optimising the flow of information about agriculture and rural policy within the EU.

By merging the above mentioned networks and building on their work, the EU CAP Network supports the achievement and implementation of specific objectives of the new EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

From now on, the latest news, upcoming events and other information about the EU CAP Network will be announced and shared on its new websiteThe website of the European Network for Rural Development will be kept as an archive of previous activities.

Do you wish to learn more about the EU CAP Network and how it works?

  • Visit its new website, where the latest information, actions and events regarding innovation, implementation and evaluation of the CAP will be shared.
  • Watch the EU CAP Network’s launch video to discover how we #BloomTogether.

Make sure to follow the EU CAP Network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

/file/32781_deEU CAP Network Launch Video - #Bloomtogether