ENRD Thematic Work

The thematic work developed by the ENRD Contact Point (CP) can be broadly divided into three main areas of Rural Development policy: a) competitiveness; b) environment; and c) social. The ENRD has defined its work on these themes under the following headings:

Work under these themes can take different forms, including the creation of Thematic Working Groups of key rural development stakeholders, the organisation of Seminars and workshops, and the production of thematic publications and other information materials.

Work within each broad area focuses on specific sub-themes as agreed with the representatives of the Rural Networks’ governance bodies. This work generally aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify key priorities and challenges that can be addressed through the implementation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs);
  • Understand and identify the support activity that can be delivered by rural networks;
  • Share experiences in delivery and identify the factors that lead to success or failure;
  • Identify useful measures, tools and approaches.

This list also includes the new topics that the ENRD Contact Point is working on during 2021-2022.

1. Landscape Features and Biodiversity

2. Organic Food Chains

3. Carbon Farming

4. Sustainability Agreements

5. Long Term Rural Vision


7. Smart and Competitive Rural Areas

8. Greening the Rural Economy

9. Social Inclusion

10. Generational Renewal