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ENRD has been working on the theme of Social Inclusion since July 2016.

It took a more discrete turn as a thematic priority in 2016, when the EU turned its attention to promoting and ensuring the integration of minorities as it faced an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants. 

Thereafter, the work on social inclusion responded to demographic change and focused on making rural communities more attractive and inclusive through social support systems.

Considering the need to enhance the attractiveness of rural areas for young people, the focus of the thematic priority was then directed to Generational Renewal. This work included a comprehensive analysis of practices in a number of Member States with an emphasis on ways to increase land mobility and facilitate new entrants to farming.

Since May 2019, the main working area for social inclusion has been exploring rural depopulation and opportunities for developing vibrant rural areas. The focus has been mainly on revitalising rural areas through the creation of job opportunities and improving access to rural services.

Information on Social inclusion events and related thematic outputs will be uploaded here on a regular basis.

If you are interested in any specific aspect of social inclusion, please contact us at social-inclusion@enrd.eu.